Our Experience On Black Mountain Resistance Bands – Comparison To Bodylastics

Our Experience On Black Mountain Resistance Bands – Comparison To Bodylastics
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My best home exercise gadgets pieces are resistance bands. In fact, they are compulsory, especially if you require an option to take your workout at home. Therefore, I have decided to address a review on the Black Mountain brands due to the various popping effect of this product from its quality and popularity. Most of the people around the world, even you, are thinking of buying resistance bands, in particular for a home workout. In this review, trust me, you will not be dishearted.

What is the difference between Bodylastics and any other resistance bands? Well, in comparison I was also interested in writing the Black Mountain brands review to contrast the two sets of the brand. The Black Mountain’s resistance bands are the most selling and hottest currently in the market, in fact, it counts the number one best selling set in Amazon.com. Due to its popularity bands category with more than five thousand customers reviews are raving about the fantastic about this product. In fact, there are no known studies that point out this product to be bad, because it isn’t. The Black Mountain resistance bands are excellent products, and due to this, I only think the Bodylastics set provides a broad variety of benefits for nearly the same and reasonable amount of money.


For beginners, Black Mountain resistance bands are usually made of latex material which is natural. The latex material is known to make sure the product maintain its lifespan. The only odds of this material, either tearing or snapping, is slim. However, it’s also possible because they never provide any anti-strap latex material, contrary to the Bodylastics design. In fact, that is the only fundamental difference that makes me stand out for Bodylastics. It is also possible to receive five bands of various resistances, in particular with each Black Mountain set. To distinguish their resistances, they are color coded. So, instead of labels displaying the amount we have to go back to their booklets and observe which color represent which resistance. For instance, red represent 25-30 lbs, Black: 15-20lbs, Green: 10-12lbs, Blue: 4-6lbs, Yellow: 2-4lbs among others. It’s also possible to clip together Black Mountain resistance bands because they are stackable, just like Bodylastics. Its stackability helps you to attain a higher resistance level. However, it can only arrive at a maximum resistance level of 75lbs compared to the Bodylastics set which can go up to 142 lbs. No matter your body fitness, resistance bands are amazingly versatile. I can assure you that you will never be bored of repeating the same exercise because there are hundreds to run and try out.

The set of Black Mountain resistance bands products is also accompanied with two handles which are detachable and are responsible for clipping onto each side of the band. The Bodylastics handles are more comfortable to hold because its handle is made with rubber instead of foam. They also include a single ankle strap and a single door anchor as an additional variation. It contains a beginner guide that shows the resistance chart and few starting exercises to assist them. You will also be awarded a branded carrying bag which makes it easier transportation of your bands, especially when you are commuting. Black Mountain provides a complete life warranty, if in case you experience any problem with anything contained in the set, they backup all their services and products.


Pros of black mountain resistance bands:

  • They provide variation in resistance due to their multiple bands.
  • As you improve your experience, the bands allow you to add more resistance because of its stackable option.
  • In the case of bad damage or breakage, they offer an entire life guaranteed warrant.
  • Due to the accessories provided, the bands are ultimately versatile.
  • They are easily transportable and light regarding weight.


  • They are made with natural rubbers which may not be suitable for people who suffers severe latex allergies.In fact, they are 99% free from latex but usually contain some traces.
  • For a beginner/starter, they include only a single ankle cuff.


Typically, I would like to say that Black Mountain resistance bands are amazing products. In fact, they contain five bands of various resistances, and so they can be stacked to attain high strength. They consist of a strap, handles and an anchor that is responsible for adding versatility to the bands. Besides that they provide almost all the benefits, they can not compete with Bodylastics (read our review here)superiority. Bodylastics offers you an incredible anti-strap design, better handles, second strap, sixth band and anchor, with just a few more $ to that of black mountain set.