Your Detailed Review For Bodylastics Resistance Bands

Your Detailed Review For Bodylastics Resistance Bands
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Even though there are a plethora of resistance bands on the market, none of them can equal Bodylastics resistance bands. Because of the current increase in counterfeits, I didn’t think this set will be any different from the vast varieties of bands available in the market. I told myself, there is no way this one could be better than the rest of the bands in the market. To my surprise, I discovered that this was by far the best set of bands I have ever seen. Unlike the 95% of bands which are just parodies sourced from Chinese manufacturers and branded with unique company names, Bodylastics resistance bands are authentic. The makers of this brand knew what they were doing when developing such a superior product. I am marveled by their craftsmanship because I never thought someone would ever bring something of such caliber in resistance band category.

Typical resistance bands are made of the standard elastic latex material and then delivered to the nearby market. On the hand, Bodylastics bands are designed and developed using high-quality Malaysian latex which is strengthened beneath by a solid braided core. You may ask, why do they need to go through all this trouble? The simple answer is that Bodylastics bands are the solution to one major problem that every set of brands in the market fail to address; snapping. Resistance bands tend to loosen every time they stretch beyond their limits. However, with this new set of bands that comes with a 2-layer design referred to as calls Snap-Guard; the problem of snapping is eliminated. The braided core embedded beneath prevents the upper latex material from stretching beyond its capabilities. Don’t grapple with low-quality resistance bands. Get the Bodylastics resistance bands and say goodbye to snapping.


Every set of Bodylastics comes with six bands that offer a broad range of resistance. Each of the six bands has a special color-code which is labeled to show the amount of resistance the bands can withstand (Yellow for 3 lbs, Green for 5 lbs, Red for 8 lbs, Blue for 13 lbs, Black for 19 lbs, Purple for 23 lbs). The best thing about this Bodylastics resistance bands is that you can stack them together to increase their resistance. The bands are embodied with a profound heavy duty nylon connection point which has a metal carabiner clip that lets you join any of the six to enhance resistance. It is no secret that some exercises will require more strength than what any of the six bands can offer independently. Rather than using this as a scapegoat to stop exercising, you can clip two bands together to increase the resistance and go ahead with your exercises. If this is still not enough, you can join all the six bands together and make a super resistance band with 142 lbs of resistance. This simple customization can be helpful when you want additional resistance in your workout routine.

Besides providing a superb quality product, the Bodylastics resistance bands come with excellent gifts for every set purchased. First of all, you get a pair of handles, and these are not the standard foam handles found on other sets but firm ABS plastic handles that are embedded with sweat resistant rubber grips that offer great comfort and improve efficiency. I know this sounds petty, but if I told you that they are better than my Bowflex home gym, maybe you might get a clear picture of what they look like. Additionally, you are also given one pair of soft-touch nylon ankle straps for improved leg exercise rhythm as well as a rigid door anchor and a universal anchor to allow you exercise everywhere. As if this is not enough, you also receive a storage bag and a comprehensive guide to give you insightful workout ideas. If none of these impresses you and you’ve already bought your set, there is no need to panic as Bodylastics has a 100% money back guarantee policy.


Here Is What You’ll Get

  • 2 ABC plastic handles
  •  One door anchor
  • Two ankle straps
  • One small anywhere anchor
  • A storage bag
  • Free exercise guide
  • Six distinct D.G.S Anti-Snap Resistance Bands



If you consider all the Bodylastics benefits and its list of additional goodies, you can assert that this is surely the best set of bands in the market. The use of top-notch material and incorporation of anti-snap design gives this product a broader competitive edge over the rest. Conversely, apart from being customizable, they also come with other bonus items such as premium-quality handles, door anchor, a universal anchor as well as a workout guide. For about $40 – $60, you can have your pair of Bodylastics resistance bands and start doing exercises that no other set of bands can withstand.